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Script Development

Perl Programming ( RDP150 )

Perl is a very powerful and useful 'tool' programming language that runs on Unix, Linux as well as the Windows environment. Perl ensures reusable modular structure and supports an wide array of third-party modules, which also facilitates rapid application development process.

This course teaches essential and advanced topics in Perl: such as pattern matching, data extraction, complex data structures, object oriented features, interfacing to SQL databases, Web programming using Perl. Many examples are given in the training on using Perl to extract data via pattern matching, compute reports using complex data structures, charting, automated email, using 3rd party modules such as reading and writing to spreadsheets.

The course is practical oriented, trainees are encouraged to bring their practical programming projects to work as class projects.

This course is suitable for Semiconductor IC Designers, Biotech Research Scientist, R&D scientists and Engineers, Network Engineers, Systems Administrators, Communications Engineers, Software Developers, Web Developers, IC Test/Product Engineers, Financial Technical analysts.

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Testimonials from students

Instructor (Mr. Soong) is very knowledgeable of what he is teaching.
Test Process Engineer from Xilinx Asia

Excellent Teaching and Mentoring, produced a conducive environment to learn and ask queries. Excellent Work!!
Test Engineer from Philips Lumileds

This training is very good for Perl starters to get to read Perl program, and instructor is very patient to help us understand in-depth functions of it.
System Admin from Commerzbank

There can't be a detailed explanation and practical hands on course than this! One of the best learning centre in Singapore.
Senior R&D ASIC Engineer from Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

The instructor has a deep knowledge and background on the topic. He was able to help us debug our scripts and show relevant tips.
Senior Product Engineer from Xilinx

Soong is a very effective teacher and a mentor. He helped a lot in making the training very easy to understand and use relevant examples to fully appreciate the course.
Product Engineer from Xilinx

The instructor explains very clearly and explains not only the material but also the application and implementation that related to the coruse.
Verification Engineer from Marvell Asia

The instructor was very helpful, patient and understanding to the students. He didn't only based the whole course on the training material but on real life examples as well, which is very good!
Technical Team Lead from Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Pte Ltd

The instructor is very knowledgeable.  This programming will increase efficiency of my job when I deal with a lot of data.
Test Engineer from Marvell Asia

Has lots of patience to understand the questions & our requirements to give suitable examples for solutions.
Senior Engineer from Xilinx

Gave me a very strong and structured presentation of Perl as my previous learning are only from Internet.
Senior Engineer from Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Totally enjoyed the course and had fun learning Perl. Mr. Soong is an excellent teacher and simplified most of the complex aspects of this language.
Layout Engineer from Broadcom Singapore Pte Ltd