A software services company dedicated in quality Training, Software Development and Support Services since year 2000

Programming Courses

Radix Systems provides a wide range of programming courses, specializing in open platforms, such as C, C++, Java, Python, Perl. Our instructors are equipped with years of real world hands-on experiences. Students are encouraged to bring real work as class projects. We demonstrate and guide students to achieve their project or solve their work problems. We trained thousands of professionals from SME to major multinationals, government agencies, background ranging from beginners to software developers, engineers, IC designer, financial professionals, bio-tech scientists, computer scientist, hardware R&D engineers to IT department heads.

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Containers/Docker and Kubernetes Courses

Containerization allows development teams to move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at any scale. you must develop agile apps, Continuous integration, continuous delivery, distributed applications management across a microservice framework, at radixsystems, we provide courses on docker, kubernetes and REST API development

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Support/Development Services

We provide customized support services for opensource software: Linux OS, software development services based on opensouce technology. We supported major database systems, fixed performance problems on Linux servers, installed Linux clusters, customized cluster storage systems, modify kernel of android phone, worked on embedded Linux systems, ported software from windows to Linux

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Linux Skill Courses

Radix Systems provide comprehensive range of Linux training, from fundamental, Linux administrarion, to Linux security, performance tuning, and Linux device driver development. Instructors have years of real world experience and we encourage students to discuss real world problems. We've trained thousands of students, including technical professionals from world's top IT companies

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