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Cloud Containers Technology

Docker and Kubernetes for software Developers ( DK100 )

This is a lecture and hands-on course designed for software developers developing applications to be delployed in kubernetes clusters. It is also suitable for IT managers who want to be updated of container, and container orchestration technologies. Covers core Docker and Kubernetes technologies: docker technology and concepts, build your own docker images. Kubernetes cluster architecture, microservice concepts, includes hands on building your own 3 nodes bare metal Kubernetes cluster, deploy and manage applications on Kubernetes, high availiability, Kubernetes Storage, Rolling updates, Scaling, Advanced Networking and how to secure Kubernetes. Our instructor is very experienced, as we have trained many students since 2018

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Testimonials from students

Instructor not only provide knowledge on Docker and Kubernetes, but also demonstrated scripting to trainees. Overall, a very non-initmating course even for windows developers.
System Analyst from MINDEF

Instructor knowledgeable, and even give advice for best practices in areas out of course domain.
Officer from MINDEF

Trainer and course coordinator are very attentive. I am very well taken care of during the training, especially the tea breaks. Trainr is good in explaining the topics and facilitates the course well.
Officer from MINDEF