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Android Software development with Java Programming ( RDP265 )

Learn programming on the Android system, Java knowledge is not required as this course will teach Java programming at the same time. Covers Android architecture, Intent, Layouts, Widget Events, Animation, Menu, dialog,services, data management, Suitable for programmers as well as engineers who wants to do hardware interfacing from Android. Instructor has experience in customising Android kernel and System.

30 May 2022  to  03 Jun 2022
11 Jul 2022  to  15 Jul 2022
29 Aug 2022  to  02 Sep 2022
28 Nov 2022  to  02 Dec 2022

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Testimonials from students

Overall, this course was conducted very professionally yet with a friendly environment. Thank you to Mr. Soong for giving extra knowledge that were outside the course's scope.
Test Development Engineer from Venture