Radix Systems

Linux Development

Linux Software Development ( RDP210 )

This course teaches the core tools, features, system API of the Linux operating systems. Designed for serious developers for the Linux platform. Key topics include C and C++ compilers, make tool, debuggers, debugging techniques, share libraries, POSIX system APIs, process concepts, threading, signals, inter-process communications, share memories, socket network programming, graphical. The language feature in this course is C, However, topics covered are also suitable for developers in C++, Perl, Python, Ruby and any computer language that access the linux system API.

This course is suitable for embedded system developers, Android systems developers, Linux servers systems developers, and any professional developers who want to learn more about the Linux OS from a developer's perspective.

25 Feb 2019  to  01 Mar 2019
25 Mar 2019  to  29 Mar 2019
08 Apr 2019  to  12 Apr 2019
13 May 2019  to  17 May 2019
24 Jun 2019  to  28 Jun 2019

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Note:Training fees is PIC claimable, where the company get 60% cash rebate and/or 400% tax deductions, and dollar to dollar bonus (IRAS terms and conditions apply)

Testimonials from students

Very nice training materials. The trainer and staff are very polite & professional. Fun and very useful. Intructor is very good.
Officer from MINDEF

Hands-on sessions and exercises are very useful for learning. Instructor is knowledgeable and approachable. (Nov 2016)
Officer from MINDEF

Instructor is knowledgeable and the staff are very friendly and hospitable.
Officer from MINDEF

Course content is well thought and excution is good.
Officer from MINDEF

Insightful lessons into the LINUX operating system. Appreciate the details on the underlying mechanism.
Officer from MINDEF

Mr. Soong's wealth of experience is hard to come by when attending other trainings. He has also been very effective in delivering his lessons.
Officer from MINDEF

Course contents cover the scope of Linux Software Development in details. Helps beginners & intermediate developers to fully understand how Linux OS works when programmed differently.
Officer from MINDEF

The course has a good mix of theory and hands-on session, and thus, reinforced learning. Good examples.
Principal Engineer from ST Technologies Dynamics Pte Ltd

The trainers is patient and very helpful, and is able to help us conceptualise the programming knowledge/skills.
ICS Engineer from MINDEF

Course Material are well structured & has sufficient detail.  Instructor delivered content effectively.
Engineer from Tech Semicondutor Singapre Pte Ltd