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C++ Programming ( RDP170CPP )

This course provides in-depth view of the C++ programming language. Complete coverage from fundamental concepts of class, inheritance, virtual functions, exceptions, namespaces, to advanced topics such as templates and STL. This is a hands-on oriented training.

18 Nov 2019  to  22 Nov 2019
16 Dec 2019  to  20 Dec 2019
30 Mar 2020  to  03 Apr 2020
11 May 2020  to  15 May 2020
29 Jun 2020  to  03 Jul 2020

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Testimonials from students

Mr. Soong is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of computing which helps deliver a very comprehensive C++ Course. Mr. Soong helped bridge several gaps in my knowledge in C++.
Engineer from MINDEF

Trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to respond to questions of wide ranges. Trainer was patient in helping student understand key concepts. (Dec 2018)
Engineer from MINDEF

Very patient and professional in explaining the details.
Engineer from MINDEF

This course gave a good and effective introduction to C++. Instructor talilored the course according to the trainee's programming background.
Asst Principal Engineer from ST Kinectics

Training is helpful. Especially trainer could answer trainees questions well!  Learned some new tips & solid my C++ programming knowledge. Instructor is expert for the training topic.
Product Engineer from MICRON Semicondutor Asia Pte Ltd

The instructor is super across multiple languages and platforms.
Product Engineer from MICRON Semicondutor Asia Pte Ltd

Excellent examples, these really helped to understand some very difficult concepts.
Asst Principal Engineer from ST Kinectics