Radix Systems

Linux Administration

Advanced Linux Network Services Implementation and Security ( LA210 )

Prerequisites:Minimum 1-2 years experienced in Windows operating system in a networked environment. As this is not a beginner's course, although not compulsory, students who has no prior user level Unix experience are encouraged to gain some Linux hands on experience before attending the training; Experienced systems administrators in Unix or Netware environment; Or students who have attended Linux Fundamental training.

Target Audience:Experienced Windows system professionals who wish to enhance their value by gaining an additional set of skill and qualification in the fastest growing operating system in the world; Existing Unix system administrators who will administer Linux systems, and who needs to learn the followings: Linux network services such as web server, Linux NIS, LDAP, mail server, DNS server; Linux security such as Linux PAM, Linux firewall, xinetd, SSL, secure shell.

Course Objectives:Teaches implementation, troubleshooting and tuning of popular Linux network services; Teaches core Linux security concepts, network security tools and implementation; Prepares the student for popular Linux certification examinations.

Outcome:After the training, the student should learn the following core skills:

  • Samba
  • Linux NIS
  • LDAP
  • Mail Server
  • DNS Server
  • PAM
  • Linux Firewall
  • SSL
  • xinetd
  • Secure Shell Scripting featuring Bash Shell

    30 Sep 2019  to  04 Oct 2019

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