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Linux Administration

Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals ( LA110 )

Prerequisites:Minimum 1-2 years experienced in Windows operating system in a networked environment. As this is not a beginner's course, although not compulsory, students who has no prior user level Unix experience are encouraged to gain some Linux hands on experience before attending the training; Experienced systems administrators in Unix or Netware environment; Or students who have attended Linux Fundamental training.

Target Audience:Experienced Windows system professionals who wish to enhance their value by gaining an additional set of skill and qualification in the fastest growing operating system in the world; Existing Unix system administrators who will administer Linux systems, and who needs to learn about the Linux Kernel, hardware device installation, software installation, troubleshooting and system recovery techniques and tools.

Course Objectives:Teaches existing IT professional the Linux concept, implementation, and tools. Build on top of their knowledge and experience from other operation systems. Teaches the system administration of the Linux operating system.

Outcome:After the training, the student should learn the following core skills:

  • Linux core components
  • OS init sequence
  • Run level concepts
  • Linux kernel
  • Software package management
  • Troubleshooting tools and techniques
  • Prepares the students for the next level training - Linux network services implementation and security

23 Sep 2019  to  27 Sep 2019
25 Nov 2019  to  29 Nov 2019

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Testimonials from students

The course gives an insight to Linux world and enable you to have a different view about Linux. The instructor is very knowledgeable and there is a lot of discussions in the class which is benefical to me.
Senior IT Executive from Continental Automative Singapore Pte Ltd